Energy Work and Service with Zodie

As an Energy Practitioner, Zodie works in the astral (emotional) chakra system and partially in the etheric (body) chakra system.  These chakra systems are based on the western chakra lineage that arrived on this continent in the mid-1800s and its development into the system recognized today.

The term “chakra” is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” and rotates in a clockwise direction throughout the technique Zodie uses.  As a student of the Energy Healing Institute, Zodie’s work is concentrated in the 7 major chakras and 2 minor etheric (hands and feet) chakras.  Energetic information is gathered from the 7 layers of the aura which correlate to the 7 chakras that house our emotions, beliefs, thought forms, and vibration frequency.  The aura essentially feeds the chakras which metabolize this energy and result in the physical manifestation of life and bodily experiences.  Everything happens energetically before physically.  When your energy is clear and flowing, your experience will follow suit.  Your field of potentiality is expanded and you are evolving into creating self-containment, self-awareness, and self-responsibility.

For an insightful article read Jill Leigh, founder of the Energy Healing Institute, article on “7 Reasons for Clearing your Chakras and Aura.

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How Energy Work works?!?

In a typical 90 minute session, you will begin to build a body of work that you want to evolve.  It may be an issue, behavior, pattern, theme, or emotion that you are ready to move through.  Energy Work typically helps clients that are wanting to:

  • Evolve a difficult relationship,
  • Evolve a long standing pattern or issue,
  • Manifest something new, and/or
  • Let go of an emotional pattern such as Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Rage, etc.

Somatics and Energy Work

Zodie’s Integrative Trauma Informed training has given her the tools to help move clients through their traumas.  This approach of fusing Somatics with Energy Work provides a secure, informed approach to the client’s healing.  It provides a safe harbor for delicate issues so that re-traumatizing of the client does not happen.  Although talk therapy may have certain beneficial applications, Zodie’s Somatic infused Energy Work gives her clients a transformational body-work based experience.

Each session has an educational portion of teaching Somatic and Energy based skills.  Be prepared to be an active participant in your own healing and building your own energy practice and toolbox.  You will be sent home with illustrations and supported through follow-ups by Zodie checking in on your progress after your initial sessions.

In-person sessions:  Promoveo Energy and Wellness is located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.   

Remote/Distance Healing sessions are available. You can be anywhere in the world and you can stay in the comfort of your home.  This gives you a relaxing experience and peace of mind.  Zodie’s remote sessions are connected through teleconference sessions and have the exact same benefits as in-person sessions.

90 minute session is $125.00

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