At Promoveo Energy and Wellness, we incorporate three pillars of strength into our vision of a healing journey with you. 

We help move you forward in your journey by evolving your station in life, assisting you in becoming embodied, and empowering you on your path to wellness.


Our vision is a journey that brings you from one place to a new place; a new vantage point where your purpose comes into focus.  We evolve you to a better ‘me’.  It’s a path that takes you on adventuresome twist and turns, some narrow and difficult, most though, heroic in nature and life-changing.  Evolved is growth in energy, spirit, and character where you are fulfilling your purpose of living a conscious life.

What are you evolving?

Some examples that you may be ready to evolve:

– Difficult relationships (with Self, with others)
– Caretaking roles with family members
– Root cause of addictions
– Overwhelm
– Root cause of anxiety
– Fears
– Phobias


A common response with trauma is leaving the body – especially in childhood where violence or abuse occurs.  This safety mechanism helps protect oneself as a form of self-preservation.  The response is an escape hatch out of our surroundings.  You may experience your head in the clouds, ungroundedness, a “lights are on but nobody’s home” experience or you can’t put things together mentally.

Sometimes there is a spirituality focus in our practice where these same responses occur.  The spiritual practice may tend to resemble sleepless nights, overworking, and also anxiety.  There are many ways in which we experience disembodiment with a host of other relationship concerns.  As children grow to adults this disembodiment is established in their daily routine and patterns and you may be aware of them or not.

As energy practitioners, we work in tandem with your therapeutic support to release and reengage these energies tied up in the traumatic event.  By regaining alignment and sovereignty with your authentic Self and becoming embodied into the present, you will feel grounded, relaxed and peaceful.



The most important part of working with a practitioner at Promoveo Energy and Wellness is the skills you are going to learn.  This is a powerful and fulfilling part of this experience working with you. You may not know it but…

…you are the healer in your own life.

It may take an energy practitioner to help bring you to a place of release and energetic freedom, but it is you that is making it happen.  As your practitioner, we will be teaching you skills necessary so you can be actively clearing or tapping into your own life from the first session forward.

What you can expect to be Empowered with:

– Knowledge
– Self-worth
– Abundance
– Presence

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