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I would strongly recommend Zodie and Edwin’s sessions to everyone! I learned many valuable tools that are so beneficial and be used in day to day life. Everyday I wake up I’m grateful and so appreciative for the time she spent with me!

They came into my life at a very challenging time. I got to know Zodie over the last year and she helped me to get to the root of my anxiety, and helped me to move. 

Since then I have talked to my friends and family about the exercises I was shown. I even showed my son a few relaxation exercises, then he went in and passed his learners test like a champion.
Balance Chakras, grounding, tapping etc. were just a few of the things I was taught. Each session would make me so relaxed and at peace. These are things I will continue to practice.
Zodie is very intuitive, she seemed to know how I was feeling without me opening up about it. She became very special to me and I looked forward to our weekly sessions,  she is so charismatic and compassionate!!
So Grateful
Bonnie Branigan, Peace River, AB

I have been very fortunate to meet Zodie and Edwin in the winter of 2022. I was at a point in my life where I had started to make major changes. I had sold my business and moved to start a new chapter. I felt stuck, even though I had made the physical moves toward finding what I wanted in life, I didn’t know what was stopping me. I was exhausted.

Edwin and Zodie agreed to meet with me. They are a great team! After meeting, we started with TFT to stop the thinking that was getting in my way. This has been life changing. I’ve also learnt the benefits of balancing chakra’s and releasing trapped emotions.

I can’t thank both Zodie and Edwin enough for the positive changes I have experienced since meeting them. They both have unique gifts and I highly recommend everyone book one appointment. It is surprisingly to me how I have been the one holding myself back for a long time. I just didn’t know how to get out of the way.

Fay B., Sylvan Lake, AB

I was fortunate enough to meet Zodie in the fall of 2020 when she was looking for volunteers to assist her on her journey of energy healing.  The opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.  With the trials and obstacles that this pandemic has served to us all, on top of our own inner struggles, it was a perfect outlet that I didn’t even know I needed.  Zodie has been professional, educational, available, spiritual, and compassionate throughout all of our sessions.  She has thoroughly taught me a variety of skills that I practice every day and can confidently say, I will continue to implement them in my daily routine for the rest of my life. Thank you, Zodie.

   — Shannon Longhurst, Red Deer, AB

Most healing experience! I have had grief from my husband dying for the past 14 years.  These sessions have helped with anxiety and stress relief transformation.  This healing energy has released all this and has given me peace and relaxation to be present and enjoy my life.  I will be forever grateful to Zodie, you da best Lady!

   — Gwen Peters, Sylvan Lake, AB

This experience has been life changing!  The best outcome of all is releasing the negative emotions I was experiencing.  Zodie has taught me all the tools I need to be in control of my feelings and emotions.  I have a much more positive outlook, I am empowered and confident and at peace.

–L. Yetter, Red Deer, AB

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Zodie and Edwin, and being introduced to the healing art of tapping.  Coming from a background in Healthcare, and having a passion for natural healing, I was intrigued by the idea of the practice.  Zodie and Edwin warmly welcomed me into their home for both of my sessions, and patiently listened to my story and health concerns.  I am so grateful for their genuine interest in listening to me, and supporting me to decipher the areas in my life that tapping could positively impact.

Our Healthcare system has often left me feeling rushed and unvalidated, so it was truly refreshing to be in the presence of people who genuinely are passionate about helping others.  I received tapping sequences for a variety of concerns from chronic back pain to releasing birthing trauma to long standing unwanted belief systems and fears.  I am amazed at the speed to which these issues were resolved, and even more so at the fact that they have not been a part of my daily life since my last session almost 2 months ago!  Prior to that, the level of anxiety and physical pain I experienced was day in and day out, with no relief through exercise, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments or counselling.  It honestly feels like magic!  And with a high needs, high touch newborn at home, having this relief has been such a blessing.

Zodie and Edwin have continues to check in and follow up with me, which is a testament to their dedication to their clients well being and true caring nature.  I am so blessed to have crossed paths with them, and thank them so much for sharing their healing art with me.

—Trisha Metro, Sylvan Lake, AB

I was introduced to tapping by Zodie and Edwin.  They explained what all the benefits were.

I decided to try a session as I had an issue I had buried deep inside for over 30 years.  As I was going through the tapping sequence I felt something different in one of the spots that I tapped.  Zodie explained that it was a release of what I carried all those years.  That blockage is gone and my relationship with my children now flows with love.

It feels so good to be free of the burden I carried all those years.

I want to thank both Zodie and Edwin for this amazing experience.  I thought ‘It can’t hurt to try!’  The worst thing would be you don’t experience anything or you may have the results I had with one session!

—S. Dobler, Sylvan Lake, AB

Initially when I learned that the energy healing sessions didn’t require me to be ‘virtually on screen’ I was extremely skeptical – but I had an open mind.  I really did not feel anything during the sessions as I was focused on concentrating on the emotion at hand – but as the sessions continued I felt more balanced and confident in my decision.  It is reassuring to know that when Life throws a hitch and puts me off-centre I have the tools to restore balance and calmness on my own.  Thanks Zodie for teaching me to get my power back.

M.C., Whitehorse, YT

When I found Zodie, I really did not know what I was looking for, but I knew something in my life needed to change.  I didn’t feel good in my own skin.  Immediately after our first session, I felt a shift change and I was excited to see what was more to come.

Zodie helped me evolve and move towards the person I want to be.  Through our sessions, she helped me get to the real root of my issues and connected the dots that have ultimately changed my perspective, and how I react to things now.

I am forever grateful for the tools and skills Zodie has taught me. Moving forward I am more present and happy in my life.

A. Barker, Red Deer, AB

Zodie and Edwin are a great team!  After meeting, we started with TFT to stop the thinking that was getting in my way. This has been life charging. I’ve also learned the benefits of balancing chakra’s and releasing tapping emotions.

— Fay B., Sylvan Lake, AB


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