Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Tapping and Service with Edwin

Thought Field Therapy or TFT, was discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist from the United States in the 1980s.  He discovered that by tapping on meridian points throughout the body it would release and eliminate the negative charge of energy associated with an issue.  TFT is the grandfather of all tapping therapies that are currently available in the world.  TFT can go to the root cause of the issue and/or toxin and treat it even if there are psychological reversals that block healing and success in other treatments.  Often people resort to tapping after many failed treatments.

To better clarify how TFT tapping works we will use a simple example.  You hit a deer on the highway at night.  This gives you a mental uneasiness when driving at night and activates anxiety from this point forward when driving.  By tapping a certain order of meridian points, you will eliminate the negative charge and neutralize the issue.  TFT treats many issues, life-long fears, and phobias, and treatment times can be sometimes within minutes of tapping the meridian points.

TFT can “help achieve optimal health and well-being.  It is simple, user-friendly, time-tested, and proven.  All ages, genders, and cultures can do it.  This work can be done on infants and animals and there have been no recorded negative effects from doing TFT”. (Tapping Out Trauma, Stress & Fear Guide, pg. 3,

Edwin is an Advanced TFT Practitioner and can help guide you through creating a tapping sequence that is right for you and your situation.  Often, in minutes these tapping sequences can bring relief to and erase anxiety, fear, or phobias that you have been hanging onto for a very long time.  Traumas and anxieties from the past can be related to the physical problems and diseases that show up presently in our lives. Some examples where TFT can help are:
– Chronic pain                                                      –  Anxiety
– Insomnia                                                            –  Fears
– Root Cause of Addictions                                  –  Racing Heart
– Headaches                                                        –  Fatigue
– Phobias (spiders)                                              –  Memory Loss

TFT tapping helps facilitate the healing in one’s body returning it to a state of balance.

Emotion Code and Body Code

When things are happening to us from the past, it creates certain emotions.  But the body does not always deal with them and they become stuck in our body.  This can create all types of imbalances which can result in pains, organs and glands not working properly, mood swings, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.  By just finding those trapped emotions and releasing them, those issues can be simply resolved.  We are not healing anybody, but getting rid of the imbalances and trapped emotions so it allows the body to heal itself.  Results happen, often within minutes.

After booking a session, Edwin will go through an intake process to find areas where TFT tapping, Emotion Code and or Body Code can be beneficial to you.  You will be responsible for tapping on yourself and Edwin will guide you through it.

In-person Sessions: Promoveo Energy and Wellness is located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

Remote/Distance Healing Sessions are available.  You can be anywhere in the world and these energy sessions work.  A Teleconference session will be booked for you to attend and participate in your healing journey.

Typically a short session is between 20-30 minutes depending on issue brought forward.  Evening and weekend bookings are available.

Short Session is $45.00  Longer Session is $85.00



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