The mastery of the arts takes decades.  The mastery of ourselves takes lifetimes.  The word to take you there is Love.  To take you there you require the mood, the cadence and the miracle.  You are the miracle.  Your cadence is your practice.  Your mood is your tolerance to see within yourself your mistakes, your joys, your humor, your talents, your quirks, your everything in between the spaces.

~ Zodie Klempp

Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

Am I Enough?

By Zodie Klempp

The heart centered consciousness brings together certain themes in our bodies to work together.  The theme “Am I enough?” – brings this one front and center with the work that you do with perfectionism.  Perfectionism deals with the self and am I enough, works with the environment around self.  This brings us to the inquiry about why you think you are enough!

  1. Where did you formulate your thoughts and beliefs What ways do you follow others but not follow yourself?
  2. What ways do you follow your parents, but you chose not to later in life?
  3. What ways did you follow your religion, but you chose not to later in life?
  4. When do you find that you have made a decision that no longer serves you?
  5. When do you find that there is more to life than what your grandparents have told you?
  6. When do you find that there is enough of you to be shared by the world?
  7. When do you find there is enough of you to stop the hatred in the world?
  8. When do you find the meager parts of you still add up to enough of you?
  9. When do you find that today is the day that you realize you are enough for yourself?
  10. When has it happened?

About the Author
Zodie Klemp is a Certified Energy Practitioner that works with her husband, Edwin Hogendoorn, at Promoveo Energy and Wellness. They can help you with physical, emotional and mental blockages you may be experiencing from events or traumas you are willing to overcome.  By setting and balancing chakras, clearing energy in the Astral energy system and Thought Field Therapy (TFT ) Tapping, these two Energy Practitioners can help to teach you to be the healer in your own life.  This will help Evolve, Embody, and Empower you.  There is simple educational elements to their energy work so clients are left with tools for their own healing.  Book your Free Consultation to see where they may assist you on your healing journey.


This letter is to commemorate the work that I have been working on since the day I was born.  It helps to see the work that each of us can do to bring us closer to Oneness.  It has been my pleasure to contribute to the works of helping our kingdom of unity.  It has come to our attention that you need more channeling experience in this world, so here goes!

Letter to Beloved,

The winds of change have come knocking.  There are times in our seasons when there are too many things going on at once.  There are times when we want to be in one place but we are pulled to another.  We have been on this journey before.  We have come to these decisions before.  We have found our way through them before.  What we can do is forward ourselves into the forward-thinking concepts.  Our minds are accustomed to choosing.  We see ‘The Good’ in everyone.  We see the best scenario in everyone we meet.  If we don’t, then we have the opportunity to change our minds about this choice.  When we have these opportunities to practice our thinking, we have the opportunity to share in the ‘Practice of Life’.  Our life revolves around the relationships we build.  It has a way of making everything right by putting ‘those’ people right in front of us.  ‘Those’ people are ‘our’ people.  ‘Those’ people are ‘our’ friends.  They teach us to be wise and kind.  They teach us to look inside ourselves and see the resistances we have with ourselves.  When we see the mirror reflection of our hate, our intolerance, our nepotism, we see we can fuel our necrotic beliefs and thinking.  That will change when we have the opportunity to see things differently.

We have a challenge for those that are willing to see Oneness in their life.  We challenge you to see the beauty in everyone you meet today whether they piss you off, or they have a quirk that touches a nerve.  ‘They’ have everything to do with you.  You have the opportunity to find your making remarks about them current or change them.  It will help to see the beauty inside yourself and how you can influence how your day is going to grow, glow and go.


Anxiety and Perfectionism – a toxic duo

By Jill Leigh

Anxiety and Perfectionism are Petty Tyrants
If you’re anxious, have you ever noticed how perfectionism tends to amp up your anxiety? If you’re a perfectionist and something isn’t done perfectly, does it make you feel anxiety-ridden, like you’ve failed and everyone will know and see? That’s what I mean by petty tyrants. The energy is toxic, and consumes the space that could be filled with acceptance, joy, calm and clarity. If I had $5 for every client who chose to use the CLEAR skills to resolve anxiety and/or perfectionism, I’d be a gaJILLionaire!!

Let’s be CLEAR: anxiety and perfectionism suck.
It undermines clarity, calm, peace, and the ability to be present. Perfectionism also sucks. It’s an impossible standard, feeds anxiety, lowers self esteem, and makes you feel like you’ll never measure up.

Now, let’s also be CLEAR: energy healing is not typically a ‘One and Done’ solution for anxiety and perfectionism.

Energy clearing is typically iterative. Patterns like anxiety and perfectionism tend to be layered on over time. When people take medication to manage anxiety, it’s not unusual for them to need to up their dosage, or switch medications as whatever they’re taking loses effectiveness. And of course, those medications are suppressing symptoms, not resolving the problem.

It’s takes commitment and effort to move through and beyond the anxiety and perfectionism. They’re patterns that activate and run the show. Know this: self-healing doesn’t need to be laborious. Developing a practice of 15-20 minutes, several times a week, will go a long way toward helping you resolve a chronic pattern and move into new ways of being and new responses to your experiences and interactions.

The Present of Presence and CLEAR skills shift anxiety and perfectionism patterns through intentional focus on chakra regulation and clearing the energy that holds the patterns in place.

Compilation story about Anxiety and Perfectionism

Because of the pervasiveness of anxiety and perfectionism, rather than telling one person’s story, I’ve created a compilation of many stories that I’ve heard and witnessed people resolve over the past 30 years.

A Powerful Intention:
I am calm, clear, patient and accepting, participating consciously in my life and experiences.

The Basic Story:
I’ve always felt like I needed to excel, do everything perfectly. I made myself crazy in grade school and high school, aiming for the A, beating myself up if I got an A-, or made simple mistakes.

My parents had high expectations for me, and I felt subtly (or overtly) criticized if my grades, behaviors, relationships weren’t absolutely perfect. I internalized the belief  that I’d never get it right, never be good enough, no matter how hard I tried.

As an adult, anything I do that is less than perfect leaves me feeling raw, unworthy, and anxious about how others see me. I intellectually know that being perfect is impossible. But I feel like I have to be perfect anyway! And it keeps me churning with anxiety. Truth be told, it’s exhausting.
I seem to have a lot of friends who are anxious, too. They have social, work and/or performance anxiety. They’re anxious about their bodies, age, imperfections. If their children don’t get into the best school, or if someone stops by unexpectedly and their house isn’t pulled together, it reinforces their anxiety & lack of worth.

Tools for (r)evolution:
To work on the anxiety/perfectionism cycle, start with chakra settings, specifically the 2nd chakra. You’re taking on other people’s anxiety in the attempt to sense what people want from you, so you can deliver it perfectly – to get the A! Backing out of that pattern is an enormous relief, I call it ‘stopping the madness’, but you’ll still need to deal with clearing the anxiety and the drive for perfection.

Energy clearing is a gradual, incremental unwinding process to let go of old ways of operating and a gradual, incremental rewinding into new behaviors. The process is organic, you don’t have to force anything, rather, the new you emerges, unfolds.

You may still feel anxious from time to time, or find yourself wanting things to be perfect. But you’ll know that’s an old story, and you’ll clear the energy away. Relax, let go and do the best you can without stressing every detail. It’s so freeing to let yourself off of the perfectionism hook! Imagine experiencing other emotions, like peace, contentment and clarity!

Thoughts & Insights
Anxiety and perfectionism often go hand-in-hand. The trick is to notice what you’re feeling and stop. Just stop. Then, take a minute or two to clear the energy.
If you’re feeling the pressure to do everything immaculately, clear perfectionism. If you’re feeling stressed, uneasy, amped up, clear anxiety. If you’re feeling both – clear them both!
Taking the few moments to notice and observe, stop, clear and reset is an essential step in breaking ANY pattern. EHI calls it the Formula for Evolution. Without observation, it’s tough to see how you engage the patterns and let them run your life.

Let me ask you:
What might it feel like to let the anxiety and perfectionism cycle fade to black? What do you imagine it would be like to spend your days actively choosing how you participate and interact, instead of being driven by the impulse to always get the A, and anxious that you might not? Do you feel ready to let this go, without having all the answers of about how you’ll feel when you do? Because sometimes you have to take the leap and make the shift to discover how great life can be!

Link to Jill’s article and website:

Anxiety and Perfectionism – a toxic duo


There will be a time when you will focus all your energies Here and you will be exactly where you need to be in this life.

~ Zodie Klempp