When you find yourself lacking motivation to follow yourself through the garden you will not find what you are looking for. Motivation is your key. Unlock the action in your life.
~ Zodie Klemp

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A Meditative Practice With Your Higher Self

By Zodie Klempp

When we think of stagnancy in our meditation it becomes the most boring part of our day when it should be the most vitalizing.  Sometimes we come to the point when we can work on something new and it gives us a sense of accomplishment that we are working on ourselves.

When we are listening to our Higher Self it is never boring.  We can see the next thing that is necessary in our evolvement that will pack a punch to our days meditative practice.  Our new found way of meditating can be found in the books that we read such as “Training in Compassion: Zen Teachings on the Practice of Lojong” by Norman Fischer.  And sometimes we will find our inspirations through listening.  Our deep listening to ourselves creates a connection that sees our inner working of our life creating the opportunities for our redemption in our life’s lessons.  We create these opportunities by placating them in our mind’s eye.  Sometimes we hear these messages, they are kind and knowing.  They have a voice that seriously recognizes our truest desires.  They live within us to give us knowledge about ourselves and how we can achieve our highest goals that we have set for ourselves.  One way we can look at the meditative practice is time-outs from reality and into times we prefer to live.  When you come to your practice, come with new and fresh ideas to bring to the plate.  Ask our Higher Self the ‘Why and the How?’ questions.

When we find the place that we want to inquire, we have the opportunity to find out what the matter is.  Are you open to finding the answer to the question or do we resist, repress and shove it deep down within us.  Do we need to talk about how we see this working out in your life?  The dis-ease is all about finding what parts of you that do not come into contact with the others.  Your communication may be minimal, your thoughts are overly productive.  Your thoughts are following your emotions.  If your emotions are not developing then they are stymied.  When we stymie our emotions this develops discord – it packs a punch.  Your help will come when you find the answers to your questions through communicating.  It takes communicating with your Higher Self through inquiry in your meditative practice and then actually talking it out with the person you are having difficulties with.  When you do this it creates a better environment to be open and transparent.

About The Author:

Zodie Klempp is an Energy Practitioner that works with her husband, Edwin Hogendoorn at Promoveo Energy and Wellness.  They can help you with physical, emotional and mental issues you are experiencing from your past.   By setting chakras, clearing chakras and aura, removing blocks through Energy Work and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Tapping, they help and teach you to be the healer in your own life. This will help Evolve, Embody and Empower you.  There is simple educational element to their energy work so clients are left with tools for their own healing.  Book your Free Consultation to see where they may assist you on your healing journey.

Meditate from the Right…(Brain that is)

By Jill Leigh


Last weekend the students in the latest Energy Awareness training engaged in a lengthy discussion about meditation and mental chatter.  It’s a frequent topic in the classroom, because we’re exploring energy and the exercises are internal and contemplative.

We shared some great laughs about meditation becoming the place to figure out the day’s logistics, the grocery list, which bills to pay, etc.  In other words – no meditation is taking place, the folks are just sitting still long enough that their ‘to do’ lists come to mind.  Literally.

We all know that we have a left and right brain.  Established fact.  The left brain is analytical and task-oriented, the right brain is creative, expressive.

So where do you suppose you’re resting your consciousness when you meditate?  (If you’re guessing the left brain, this post is written just for you!)

We live in a left brain dominant society.  Rewarded for endeavors that involve critical thinking, analytical assessment, process-driven solutions.  Tasks, products, solutions, deliverables, output.

And yet, the ideas for products, solutions, deliverables, solutions, output generate from the right brain – the source and center for creativity and flow.

There are lots of books and resources for cultivating flow state. Twenty three years ago I began meditating and here’s the main practices I used: drawing and writing with my non-dominant hand (that would be my left hand, controlled by the right side of my brain) and balancing on my left foot to anchor my awareness in the right brain.  When I’d been able to remain in balance for 2-3 minutes, I’d sit down and begin my meditation immediately.

But here’s the real truth: the biggest resource I used to cultivate flow state is meditation.  And it’s a practice, not an event.

The point I’m making is – meditation is easy, once you know how to do it.  And the only way you can know how to do it is to, um, do it.  Over time, I’ve noticed that people who are frustrated meditators (I try and it never happens.  I just end up restless, sorting out my day/bills/to do list/whatever), have very high expectations and quit too soon.

Learning to sit in meditation can be a lovely thing if practiced consistently and building muscle for the activity.  Begin with 5 minutes a day, not 30.  Do it three times a week, not seven.

Consider joining a beginner’s meditation class.  You can entrain to a state of awareness when you’re in a larger group of people.  Your vibration will match the group vibration and you’ll move yourself forward experientially.

The good news – as is always the case, by the end of the weekend, the EHI students were already experiencing deeper states of meditative awareness.  They were invited to practice and apply each skill taught during the two day training.  Yes, in the beginning they wrestled with the ability to attend to the energetic visualization.  By the end of the two days, they were reporting deeper insights and affirming that they had achieved different levels of consciousness awareness.

The choice to meditate, to be still within, to elevate consciousness is an act of supreme self-love and self-care.

It’s funny – I never knew what was going on when I was asked to pray.  I was raised a Christian Scientist and prayer felt flat, inaccessible and was nothing but an exercise that I practiced from my left brain.  No one ever told me that prayer took place in the right side of the brain.  The periods of prayer in sunday school and church were times when my thoughts wandered.  I’d think about kick ball, capture the flag, Red Rover and the other great games we played in the neighborhood on Sunday afternoons.  I didn’t get the God/prayer thing at all.

When I began meditating, I got it.  It brought me home.  To the God within.  And it’s when I realized that the God I was raised to believe in didn’t exist for me.  I left God behind and signed the roster of the Universe.  That’s what’s alive and empowering to me.

Whatever your choice, learning to sit in meditative stillness cultivates flow.  And since we’re forever told to ‘let go’ and ‘go with the flow,’ you’re on the right track to cultivate stillness.

And keep your vital energy, er, flowing!



         And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche