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A Call to Service

A Call to Service

There comes a time when we are called into service.  A time when our Light must shine.  Our peace in our hearts must ring out for the world to see, hear, reflect the shine.  Our……

April 2023 Newsletter

When we discover who we are, we have discovered our power within.

~ Zodie Klempp

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The Answer

By Zodie Klempp

When we start at the beginning, we discover……

How to Imagine Ourself at 80

Where in our timeline when we are revisiting our past 25-30 years, do we feel we may have made our mistakes?  Do we need a do-over?  Would we need to revisit this if we had a chance? ……

Bali or a Bass Pond?

When we go amongst ourselves we see the difference in how we are raised.  We see that sometimes we are raised with Bali-type spiritual-esque teaching and then we are……