Where in our timeline when we are revisiting our past 25-30 years, do we feel we may have made our mistakes?  Do we need a do-over?  Would we need to revisit this if we had a chance?  Or, did it work out and you could not be happier that life worked out better than you could have imagined?  My young self’s thoughts surrounding the theme ‘I just want to be loved’ morphed from many interests and innuendos to life-changing events.  Looking back, I see where my mistakes were made.  Did I hurt others along the way in my relationships?  Absolutely.  I needed in some unconscious way to play out my scenarios so I could come to the realization 35 years later.  With a life of experiences that makes this journey richer and more abundant than I could have ever imagined, I went from a school girl wanting to be loved to a 40-year-old separated/divorced mom that had to discover a love for herself.  As I mark my 50th birthday with a loving partner and family and blessed with love all around, what am I to create for myself in my next 30-plus years?  It was suggested by my Higher Self, that I write a letter to my 80-year-old self.  What do I want to manifest or create?  My ideas now are to embody ‘I am Love’ and the ‘I Am’ over these next future years.  For me, these are my destinations I’m so excited about – the continuation into the discovery of Love.

Dear Zodie,

I am writing you on the eve of our 50th Birthday and want you to open this note on your 80th Birthday to review.  We will create a life where we have an abundant life of living within the I Am-ness.  I’m not sure of the journey we will take but I know the Divine will co-create with us a life of love, ease, and grace.  We will evolve into the most compassionate soul we envision ourselves to be.  Thank you and Happy Birthday!  I Love You!


Written by Zodie Klempp, Energy Practitioner for Promoveo Energy and Wellness.  If you want to learn more about our Practitioners please click on www.promoveoenergyandwellness.com


Photo by Stephen Wheeler on Unsplash