A Call to Service

There comes a time when we are called into service.  A time when our Light must shine.  Our peace in our hearts must ring out for the world to see, hear, reflect the shine.  Our time is now for us to listen to our guidance within – listen to the Higher Self, that Higher Road we must travel.  For these suggestions, these whispers, these golden ventures, we must take, shall bring us to the victory of healing ourself.  What we can do here on this planet is a miraculous feat – alchemize the Darkness to Light.  Our virtue is known through our perilous fight, but what about the Light?  Can we see beyond to the places where this elevates us.

About the Author

Zodie Klempp is a Certified Energy Practitioner that works with her husband, Edwin Hogendoorn, at Promoveo Energy and Wellness , located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  They can help you with physical, emotional and mental blockages you may be experiencing from events or traumas you are willing to overcome.  Through setting and balancing chakras, clearing energy in the Astral and Etheric energy system, The Emotion Code, Body Code and Thought Field Therapy (TFT ) Tapping, these two Energy Practitioners can help to teach you to be the healer in your own life.  This will help Evolve, Embody, and Empower you.  There is simple educational elements to their energy work so clients are left with tools for their own healing.  Book your Free Consultation to see where they may assist you on your healing journey.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash