You can come from a place where you have no meaning (think of a depressed individual) or from a place where meaning is everything (over the top, held hostage by emotions).  Then there is the middle ground – the neutral balance that we seek.  The neutral way is the best way through your trials and tribulations because it gives you the most access to your true self.  You are meant to bring information (energy) in and give information (energy) out.  When you do not give enough you jam up you get stuck.  If you give too much, you over stimuli your system with emotional servitude and you will be a blubbering hot mess.  What we want in the middle is the rational, level headed, intuitive thought process and way of being.  When you find your way with neutrality you will recognize that you can find yourself managing yourself with confidence and humbleness.  You understand the places where others are coming from.  Take for example, the meeting of someone new.  You can choose to see them for who they are – the perfect incarnation that Source has put on your path or you can see the intricacies of wealth, stature, class of a person that creates biases and that is all you see.  We want to point out here that these wealth, stature and class are all good for you to see but at a place of understanding that they were our path at one time, too.  There is no judgment – it just is.  What we do with this information is how we create our experience – our meaning that we are giving it.  We have been given the opportunity to experience the life given.   If you experience life in a way that sends you over the top, you do not have the capacity to see the beauty in the experience.  Conversely, if you do not have a care in the world you will miss out in the beauty the world has to offer you, as well.  Presence is the key here.  Neutrality is the balanced state of mind.

Feeling neutrality and balance began for me when I learned to set my chakras.  I encourage those who feel imbalance and ready to make life changes to book a free consultation with our Energy Practitioners at Promoveo Energy and Wellness.  The link is here.

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash