Spiritual Neutrality

By Zodie Klempp

The venture of bringing ourselves to neutrality with our emotions is by far the greatest service we can do.  When we set our chakras we give ourselves the very recipe for finding this state.  My clients report that their feelings of peace and calm increases while lowering their anxiety.  When you find neutrality it can be thought of as negating emotion but it is far from the truth.  I was reading a book the other day called Basic Psychic Development: A User’s Guide to Auras, Chakras and Clairvoyance by Gloria Hemsher and John Friedlander. In it, they talked about this very subject. The following quotes are taken from this book.

With neutrality “you increase your ability to respond to all kinds of emotions, experiences, and memories and open to all joys and pain, releasing each emotion when it has been experienced and fulfilled.”   Neutrality “does not mean not feeling, it means not judging that feeling.”  “You can use all feelings to inform yourself and, from neutrality, you can gain more resourcefulness in how to react.” “Neutrality allows you to put the emotion into the bigger picture, and to learn to cherish the richness of the whole emotional event.  When you genuinely appreciate that complexity and that richness, you won’t get stuck on any piece of the emotion or go into resistance to the emotion.  Neutrality is, in fact, the position of greatest emotions.”  When you take responsibility for your emotions – that’s part of being neutral.  It’s a requirement.  “From neutrality, you can still experience pain and anger, but you can experience them as emotions that are moving through you.”

When you go through your repertoire of negative emotions, they visit with you, then you can accept them more readily and then move on.  The positive ones last longer as your state of happiness grows.  Your level of presence (consciousness) and energetic frequency will increase as well.  When you see that this neutrality is a good thing you will seek it in everything that you do.

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It Is What It Is: How to Return to Neutrality

By Jill Leigh

I’ve talked about neutrality for years. It’s a useful state of awareness to cultivate, especially as an antidote to ‘charge’ or emotional activation.

Emotions can generate charge. They stimulate the nervous system, causing pulses to race, breathing to shallow, adrenalin to surge. Attention! Pay attention!

Charge can be important. For example, charge is helpful if you’ve got 14 minutes to make it to your gate before your flight departs.

It’s also useful as an aspect of self-awareness. If you feel an activation occurring, your autonomic system is letting you know that something requires your conscious attention.

Neutrality is a state that can be achieved once you’re safely on the plane, or perhaps checked into your hotel
to await the next day’s flight, having missed the doors closing by two minutes.

Cultivating neutrality begins with acceptance of what is.

I walk in a federal wildlife refuge nearly every day. The refuge is wetlands and riparian forest, with a river winding throughout. Teeming with wildlife, it is a privilege to be there in the early morning hours, observing the animals as they go about their business.

There are quite a few great blue herons in the refuge. I’ve had the good fortune to observe their actions up close on many of my walks.

They’re solitary birds, patient and purposeful. They stand with their feet buried in mud on the shoreline, intensely focused on the water under their feet. Watching for fish, they wait quietly, fully present to the moment.

When they spy a fish, they move like lightning. Their sharp beaks penetrate the water, grasping the fish.
They tend to walk about as they grapple the fish into position for swallowing, dipping it into the water as they walk, only to grasp it again, hopefully parallel to their throat.

I watched one heron follow this process, walking slowly forward, releasing and reclaiming the fish repeatedly. Until the fish got away.

The heron ceased moving, staring at the water.

I created stories in my mind—the expletives, the frustration, the pent-up energy dissipating, releasing as the bird stared at the water.

Slowly, the heron turned around, and walked purposefully back to the shoreline, sinking its feet into the mud, casting its gaze intently at the water at its feet.

It is what it is. The charge of the capture and the dance of preparation to indulge, the loss of its prey.
Staring at the water, finding neutrality and acceptance.

The reset. It is what it is.

How to find neutrality:

  • Acknowledge the activation, the charge
  • Acknowledge the emotions
  • Accept what is so … for now, this is what it is
  • From above your head, bring down a ball of golden, Cosmic energy into your crown chakra, imagining it filling the entire crown
  • Notice that the charge in your body, and even your emotions dissipate, as your crown vibrates with the neutral energy of the Cosmic field
  • Reset your energy by grounding, owning your body, your energy and your experience

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The wound is the place where the Light enters you   –  Rumi