Karma is a psychic lesson that you will learn to help live your life in a better way.  We have limiting beliefs about what we think Karma is all about.  Think about what these are. Karma is… a punishment, I am at the mercy of my past lives, I have no control, negative.  The karmic lesson is all about giving yourself the credit to help yourself out.

Let’s start out with some things about Karma you may not have known.  Karma is fun, it is helpful and your intuitive side of yourself wants to help out with this matter.  Your intuitive self wants to help give you something to play with when you don’t agree with your true self.  When you find you are making excuses for yourself you are not living your true authentic self.  What we want to dispel is the fear associated with Karma.  Everyone has Karma, it happens to everyone.  You may even know when you are creating it.  What we want you to know is that it is truly a benefit to have it.

Try to imagine a world without Karma.  People would be walking around with no conscious.  Rampant lives taking over.  It would be a masochistic world with no silver linings in the clouds.  There would be temptation everywhere.  The Karma that we feel is helpful and a serious benefit to our world so we are present and conscious in it.

The next archaic thinking about Karma is that “they’ll get theirs!”  This also does not happen.  Karma is personal to the person and their event.  It is not directional.  What it takes is knowing all the ins and outs of what Karma is.  There is never a good feeling with telling someone else this.

The last limiting belief about Karma that we will talk about is the “endless cycle” of Karma that you believe you may be in.    The long-held secret is that Karma is endless and was meant to suppress humans. You can get out of Karmic cycles very easily by discovering what it was that was keeping you in it for the duration that it was happening.  In fact, it can end the minute/second it starts by revealing your truth.  When you have discovered for yourself this truth about Karma, it ends that particular event, conversation, idea, or even emotion right in its tracks.  For example, really inquire into why you always attract a certain person into your life.  Be honest with yourself.  Your truth is for the betterment of yourself and for the world, so speak your truth.  Do not hold back.

~ Zodie Klempp


Photo by Abbat on Unsplash