I want to share an important resource I wish I had while going through my own personal spiritual emergency back in 2013.  The book is by Stanislav Grof, M.D. and wife Christina Grof entitled “Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis.” 1989.Tarccher/Putnam. New York.  Here is an outtake of the triggers.

Triggers of Transformational Crisis

in some instances, it is possible to identify the situation that seems to have triggered the spiritual emergency. It can be a primarily physical factor, such as a disease, accident, or operation. At other times, extreme physical exertion or prolonged lack of sleep may appear to be the immediate trigger. In women, it can be childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion; we have also seen situations where the onset of the process coin sided with an exceptionally powerful sexual experience.

Occasionally, the beginning of a spiritual emergency can follow a powerful emotional experience. This can be loss of an important relationship, such as the death of a child or another close relative, the end of a love affair, or divorce. Similarly, a series of failures, being fired from a job, or property loss can immediately proceed the onset of evolutionary crises. In predisposed individuals, the last straw can be an experience with psychedelic drugs or a session of experiential psychotherapy.

However, one of the most important catalysts of spiritual emergency seems to be deep involvement in various forms of meditation and spiritual practice. These methods have been specifically designed to activate spiritual experiences. We have been repeatedly contacted by persons whose unusual experiences occured during the pursuit of Zen, view Pasadena Buddhist meditation, kundalini yoga, Sufi exercises, or Christian prayer and monastic contemplation. As various oriental and western spiritual disciplines are rapidly gaining popularity, more and more people seem to be having transpersonal crises– yet another reason that the correct understanding and treatment of spiritual emergencies is an issue of ever-increasing importance.

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