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Resource for Spiritual Emergencies

I want to share an important resource I wish I had while going through my own personal spiritual emergency back in 2013.  The book is by Stanislav Grof, M.D. and wife Christina Grof entitled “Spiritual Emergency: When Personal……

April 2023 Newsletter

When we discover who we are, we have discovered our power within.

~ Zodie Klempp

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The Answer

By Zodie Klempp

When we start at the beginning, we discover……

December 2022 Newsletter

Spiritual Neutrality

By Zodie Klempp

The venture of bringing ourselves to neutrality with our emotions is by far the greatest service we can do.  When we set our chakras we give ourselves the……

The Marriage Vow

Last year, I married my best friend and like-minded husband, Edwin.  We celebrated our marriage ceremony by creating vows that resonated with our beliefs in spirituality.

I promise(ed) to support my spouse’s mind, body, and spirit throughout his journey of life,               through the many love lessons we encounter and our spiritual evolvement.

This was important for us……


Energy hygiene is a must when doing energy work.  Here at Promoveo Energy and Wellness, we want to highlight a first skill that is an important practice method when building your own private practice.  This is a favorite of my clients since it is easy and fast (two seconds) for them wherever they are,……

Launch of Promoveo Energy and Wellness

Launch of Promoveo Energy and Wellness business

We are so excited to announce we are officially open for business!  We are putting our shingle out as our practicum is now over and we have achieved our certification in energy work and TFT Tapping.

If you are willing to make a change in your life, we are willing……