Last year, I married my best friend and like-minded husband, Edwin.  We celebrated our marriage ceremony by creating vows that resonated with our beliefs in spirituality.

I promise(ed) to support my spouse’s mind, body, and spirit throughout his journey of life,               through the many love lessons we encounter and our spiritual evolvement.

This was important for us to enter into this contract and it has shown up in various ways for us throughout our relationship together.  Having a blended family of 4 boys, we both came into the relationship very independent.  We individually were making sole decisions on how to raise our children, to finances, to careers, you name it.  This was a change away from my previous marriage where I felt like a dependent so I learned one way of being and then learned the complete opposite.  Knowing independence is so valuable in so many ways. You can claim your self-empowerment and self-worth while gaining decision-making skills that you use throughout life.   With this relationship with Edwin, we are honoring each other in a more mature fashion that recognizes the strengths and weaknesses that we bring to the table.  As an example, I take an easy-going approach to raising my boys.  I don’t step in right away while they are trying to figure out their independence (as I have just found it and know the value). I offer advice when needed, and make corrections at the end.  It is one approach but not necessarily the approach all parents take.  Edwin’s approach is giving them freedom and guidance, and self-responsibility and holding them with integrity with one’s word.  He has consequences for his boys.  I am less so.  He recognizes my good nature and my avoidance of conflict.  I have things I am working on – my love lessons – in my relationships.  Edwin has things that he is working on in his love lessons.  The weaknesses are not necessarily negative, but this that you need to evolve.  The awareness of things that are on your shortcomings list may take a lifetime to work on.  Some of these love lessons you may knock off a couple at a time depending on the relationship.

What I’m getting at is that we are aware of them, we are working on them and as partners, we are honoring each other’s journey to navigate through the decision one has to take whether right or wrong to learn the lesson.

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