Making Choices

When you find yourself wondering about which timeline you’re going to take in this lifetime, don’t worry, you have already chosen it.  This lifetime will gather the appropriate and enough information to make the choices you are going to make, easy.  You will have already seen them.  You have visit them in your dreams.  You have experienced all the possibilities that you can imagine.  These ways through the Multiverse gives us ways of being connected with ourselves.  It generates multiple ways of looking at how our decisions can affect our lives.  It will give great depth to how we think about our current decisions that we have to make.  The Multiverse is the multidimensional Universe that we have been accustomed to hearing.  This veil when lifted can help you lean into how we imagine our world.  We have great power in making decisions in this life.  We have greater power in knowing that we can create the world that we want.  We have an even greater power in understanding it.  Make choices with the confidence that you have been here before and that your choice is the best.

~  Zodie Klempp

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Is Compassion On Your ‘To Do List’?

By Zodie Klempp

I have recently made an intention and a focus in my spiritual practice to develop three things I feel I want to evolve.  Its kind of my ‘Bucket List’ of ideas but in the spiritual sense.  The following is my list of ideas/themes/desires to know more about:

  1. Energy Work as a Practitioner
  2. Develop my psychic abilities
  3. Understand Compassion

Coming from a trauma background I easily fell into dissociation of mind and gravitated to a spiritual led curiosity of ‘Knowing Thy Self’ when I reached my 40’s.  My disembodiment experience came to a climax when I began having psychosis.  My psyche/energy body was in an emergency situation, I was ungrounded and disembodied mess.  I met Jill Leigh of the Energy Healing Institute and it was there I was able to put myself back together better than ever with energy protocols and practices.  After such a beautiful and empowering experience my journey into becoming an Energy Practitioner began.

One of the energy tools we teach is about locating and cultivating a compassion center in the body.  I know where it is energetically/physically in my chest.  I know when something dear to me or witness a precious moment I clasp the area above my heart as it touches me to the core.  But I always felt a disconnect as I felt somewhat selfish for looking after myself and not necessarily going that extra mile for other that you see in people with mothering instincts.  I judge, compare and question my ability to be compassionate in this world.

Turns out, as I found in my lates course I am taking, that survivors of childhood trauma can have difficulty cultivating compassion in their life for themselves and for others.  Survirors can actually fear self compassion because they fear facing the memories from the past and/or their experience of compassion may have been non-existent from caregivers when they wanted/needed love and compassion from others at the time of the event. When I read this it made sense to me and so from that point forward I feel more acceptance for myself instead of something wrong.

I have recently included into my meditation practice a Loving Kindness Meditation to my morning and evening practice.  It beautifully opens my compassion center like a flower.  The energy builds and warms my chest inside out.  It goes like this:

When you have found a quiet dedicated spot to meditate, you close your eyes if you are comfortable to do so or you can keep them open.   You are going to ground down into your seat bones imagining connection with the Earth.  You are going to picture someone you love  in this very moment in front of you.  It can be your partner, a family member or even your pet.  You will say quietyly to yourself in yur mind or speak it to them, ‘May you be happy’.  Pause here letting these words fall on this loved one.  You may smile, breathe deeply. Notice the sensations you are experiencing.  Next phrase, ‘May you be well’  pause with these words, let them fall, reflect on the sensations these words mean to you about this loved one.  Next phrase, ‘May you be safe.’  Pause and let it land.  Reflect on the sensations these words have on you.  Last phrase, ‘May you live a life of ease, full of courage and curiosity.’  These words are mine but you may have a wish for your loved one that you prefer to say.  Whatever these words are let them land.  Pause and reflect.

Next, you are going to venture a little beyond this loved one into your community.  You may have a community group that comes to mind.  Maybe its within your local community, in your province or state.  Maybe its federally/nationally.  Start with a local one and begin branching out on the multi-levels you can reach.  You will use the same phrases, pausing between each, allowing them to land and reflect on the sensations that are growing in your compassion center. ‘May you be happy,’ ‘May you be well,’ ‘May you be safe,’ and ‘May you live a life of ease, full of courage and curiosity.’

Next , you venture to the next level of people or groups of people – political, religious, global ones that you do not have the same views with.  ‘Enemy’ is too strong of a word but this may be your belief surrounding this person/group at first.  Your phrases remain the same. ‘May you be happy,’ ‘May you be well,’ ‘May you be safe,’ and ‘May you live a life of ease, full of courage and curiosity.’ Pause between each, allowing them to land and reflect on the sensations that are growing in your compassion center.

Finally, we turn to ourselves.  This last on is to cultivate compassion within us. Repeat your name at the beginning of each of the phrases. ‘[Your Name], may you be happy,’ ‘[Your Name], may you be well,’ ‘[Your Name], may you be safe,’ and ‘[Your Name], may you live a life of ease, full of courage and curiosity.’  Pause between each, allowing them to land and reflect on the sensations that are growing in your compassion center.

Depending on how flexible you are with this exercise you may only want to do the first set of phrases to your loved one and the last set to yourself.   Honor where you are at in your compassion journey. Your compassion will grow. Remember be compassionate to yourself first and foremost.

I hope this brought you to a place where it naturally fits into your life.  There are plenty of Loving Kindness Meditations on YouTube so find one that you resonate with.

About the Author:

Zodie Klempp is an Energy Practitioner that works with her husband, Edwin Hogendoorn at Promoveo Energy and Wellness.  They can help you with physical, emotional and mental issues you are experiencing from your past.   By setting chakras, clearing chakras and aura, removing blocks and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Tapping, they help and teach you to be the healer in your own life. This will help Evolve, Embody and Empower you.  There is simple educational element to their energy work so clients are left with tools for their own healing.  Book your Free Consultation to see where they may assist you on your healing journey.


How Energy Practitioners Support Evolution

By Jill Leigh


The basic premise for practitioners

Practitioners of various modalities frequently choose to integrate energy healing into their work because of the ubiquitous nature of energy as root cause of all disease, illness, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Why? Because energy is causative. Can a tree, bird, chair or person exist without energy? No. Not possible at all.

Neither can an illness or disease, emotional or mental blockage or issue.

At the end of the day, everything is energy!

  • When a bodyworker releases a tight area in the body, there’s frequently an emotional release that accompanies the physical opening. The tight area of the body stored emotional energy, which when released, flooded the client’s emotional field. It’s a release of somatized emotion.
  • When unable to loosen a tight area, the bodyworker understands that the client is hanging on to the emotional energy because it’s been suppressed and repressed because it is either uncomfortable or worse, not allowed. The emotion scares or invalidates the client in some way, and is unconsciously contained in the energy system of the physical body. Releasing the emotional energy creates space and access to the locked down fascia, muscles, tendons or ligaments.
  • Practitioners treating chronic, serious illness recognize the correlation between the illness and unresolved emotional trauma. Full resolution of an illness can be stalled until the trauma is addressed and cleared.
  • Psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors frequently describe their frustration and helplessness when their clients intellectually understand the ineffectiveness of their behaviors yet remain unable to operate differently. The client needs tools and skills to resolve the stuck energetic pattern that the intellect  (and will) are unable to override.

What energy practitioners study – the three planes of awareness

The body human is a wildly complex organism. The human energy systems are also incredibly intricate and elegantly organized. They are comprised of three planes of awareness that collaborate in every moment of physical existence.

The energy system for the physical body is known as the Etheric plane or body. It’s made up of seven primary chakras and thousands of minor chakras, a dense, compact aura and 3 major and 72,000 minor energy channels known as nadis.

There’s an emotional body or plane, known as the Astral body or plane. It is comprised of 7 major in-body chakras, a 7-layer aura that correlates to the major chakras and 5 out-of-body chakras. While many are unfamiliar with the out-of-body chakras, those familiar with chakras usually have learned about this energy system. This plane is entirely non-physical, and is chartered with emotional awareness and the meaning generated from experience.

The Mental/Causal body or plane is the third energy system for the body human. The Mental subplanes offer access to granular details about the physical body and how it’s experiencing itself in space and time as well as holding the energies of the intellect and higher mind. The Causal subplanes house esoteric/spiritual content that inform conscious and unconscious choices, perceptions and beliefs.

The energy connection

When practitioners grok the energy connection, they become fascinated with the means and mechanisms for evolving the energy bodies as an adjunctive resource to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing modalities they offer.

Working with practitioners deeply inspires me. I love watching their wheels turn, the dots connect and the lightbulbs come on as they learn and practice protocols for evolving patterns, themes, behaviors, beliefs, emotions and stuck or constricted energy, and as they evolve the physical body through working across all three planes of awareness. Consulting with practitioners as they re-imagine their practice and integrate energy healing into their service offering and evolve the story behind their choice of modalities is truly more fun than is legal!

Energy healing is a powerful integrative support for experienced practitioners who are actively practicing one or more modalities. It’s also an incredible standalone offering for new practitioners who are interested in launching a career in the healing arts.

The most common energy issues that practitioners address are in the Astral body. These include stuck patterns, behaviors and go-to emotions that inhibit in-the-moment presence and choice. The first 11 years I practiced, I worked exclusively in the Astral body — and earned a viable living doing so! It’s a really good place to start with working with energy, because no matter what is cleared in a session, the client can shift, grow, evolve and heal.

Whether you are a practitioner, or a consciously curious learner, energy is forever and always in your room!

EHI’s mission is to give practitioners the skills, tools and expertise to handle client’s energy with compassion, integrity and through a grounded approach that inspires evolution.
We offer three in-depth training programs for new and experienced practitioners. Find out more.


         “When we give of ourselves, we are happiest”  ~ Zodie Klempp