The desire we seek to be in this life originates in our Soul.  It is here where experiences happen.  Our life can be over abundant in experiences of life giving, receiving, loving and repeat.  When we think of the places we would like to go we think of Oneness, Wholeness, Love with a capital ‘L’.  Our Divine Love which is apart of us captures the whole ‘Desire’.  It’s with Desire that we attain.  It’s with Desire we choose our life’s experiences.  We have so much to give of ourselves yet do we choose Path A or Path B.  To give of oneself we need to go deeper.  The Desire is in the trenches.  It’s here we find our resistances, our avoidance issues.  Why do we do what we do?  Inquiry helps formulate the questions that takes us to these dark places, for you have the Desire, what’s scaring you?

When you feel you are not in control you no longer are connected to life.  If life passes you by because you are stuck in thought whether you should or you should not, then you have seen the endless circles that this can take you.  What if we were to choose what feels good vs. what feels bad?  Simply lay out the pros and the cons.  What lies here are the answers that follow things along.

When you have found your answers, you will have found and seen that life takes you back.  Desires of Path A and Path B will be found.


About the Author

Zodie Klempp is a Certified Energy Practitioner that works with her husband, Edwin Hogendoorn, at Promoveo Energy and Wellness , located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  They can help you with physical, emotional and mental blockages you may be experiencing from events or traumas you are willing to overcome.  Through setting and balancing chakras, clearing energy in the Astral and Etheric energy system, The Emotion Code, Body Code and Thought Field Therapy (TFT ) Tapping, these two Energy Practitioners can help to teach you to be the healer in your own life.  This will help Evolve, Embody, and Empower you.  There is simple educational elements to their energy work so clients are left with tools for their own healing.  Book your Free Consultation to see where they may assist you on your healing journey.