The best way to imagine ourselves in this very moment is through Source.  What does Source imagine us to feel, think, do in situations that feel perplexing?  What do these thoughts about you say?  Are they bold? Are they harrowing? Are they dismissive?  Are they down-right negative?  We have the power to change the thought.  We are that powerful.  Let’s focus on the uplifting ones- the self-empowering thoughts of I am…. I am strong, I am fulfilled, I am abundant, I am beauty, I am love.  These are what make us into the people that we already are.  Our intention is a powerful way of communicating to the Universe that this is who we are.  Take notice.  We want to give you another phrase that will help change that mindset – ‘We love you.’  Have you ever wondered why the ‘We’ is a part of this statement?  It is because we are composed of 3 different parts – Source, the I Am (Higher Self) and our human Self.  These three parts make up a powerful trifactor of a Creator.  When we put our thought into creating something we have the God-quality that we should not dismiss or shy away from.  Working together as a team you have the ability to create the perfect beginnings and endings that we are in search of.  What takes the most part to see your thought come to fruition is thought.  We have an abundance of thoughts – 80,000 a day.  We need to harness those thoughts, quiet them down, sift, sort the benevolent ones from the grocery list.  Quieting the mind is the ultimate goal to creating.  Finding quiet moments to connect with your team of Source and Higher Self you can create the intention.  Find a place to journal your thoughts, track the changes, see where it takes you.  Rate on a scale how you are feeling about what you want to achieve – daily.  Your intention is something that you connect with multiple times a day.  There is action involved.  If you want to win the lottery you have to go out and buy a ticket.  Take the time to connect with your audience if you want to be a better communicator.  Take the time to be more active b joining a yoga class if you want those fit abs.  Action by far is your closet golden ticket to making your creation happen.  You take your step and the Universe will take theirs.

Written by Zodie Klempp, an Energy Practitioner of Promoveo Energy and Wellness.  With help on quieting the mind please click on to the link and read about our Practitioners, Energy Work and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Tapping that they do.

Photo by Olha Tatdot on Unsplash